Method 1 – Dropbox Cloud

The fastest way is to use a single Dropbox account to perform the transfer. 

  • Step 1 – Link to your Dropbox account


  • Step 2 – Backup your data to Dropbox


  • Step 3 – Use another device and run [Password Home] to restore from Dropbox (Link to the same account as you did before).


  • Step 4 – After the app restarting, you must go to [Preferences] and specify the same key for encryption/decryption.


Method 2 –Transfer data through PC/bluetooth/email/other cloud-space services…

  • Step 1 –Both devices use SD card to store data


  • Step 2 – Select the way you want to transfer the file “pm.db”

NOTE:When transferring,do not run [Password Home].



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