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Tags are powerful because they can ignore the boundaries among categories, and group items together from anywhere.

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您從手機或平板中把密碼資料匯出並複製到電腦時,點擊兩下預設會從 EXCEL 中開啟,結果可能會讓您失望,畫面可能如下:

亂碼,而且筆數也不對!這是因為在 Android 中預設採用 UTF-8 碼來儲存文件,且這個 APP 是以逗號來分隔欄位,這一點 Excel 並不知道,導致文字碼及斷行錯誤。

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The old version (1.4.2 -) does not check if more than two encription keys in a database,but the new version (1.4.2) will check this and allows only unique key value.
In order to ensure that the key values in all fields is consistent,when the current database can not match the encryption key in the menu's Settings page,you will not be able to add or modify any items with encrypted fields .

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001_tw  這是與朋友在 Android 程式開發時所額外建立的一個APP,一直以來都是團隊內使用,後來強化了功能以後,決定開放到  Google Play



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以下为Excel 2007的范例 (以繁体中文软件示范) ,其它版本做法差不多。

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元の PC で確認したところ、Excel 2010、2013 で [名前を付けて保存] > [ファイルの種類 : CSV (カンマ区切り) (*.csv)] で保存する時に、文字コードを選択することは出来ないようです。

そのため、Excel の通常の操作だけで、文字コードが UTF-8 の CSV ファイルを作成するのは難しいかもしれません。

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  1. Connect the supplied USB cable into your device, then into your computer(windows). Please ensure your device is powered on and unlocked.
  2. When you plug in the device for the first time, you may need to install its drivers.
  3. The SD card will appear as "Removable Disk" on your Computer.
  4. Now,you can move or copy CSV files you want to Import to [Password Home] into the folder<Removable Disk>/data/com.moku.passwordhome/io
  5. Run [Password Home] and go to [Export/Import] as shown in FIG. 

note: [Password Home] will convert a csv file into a category,and each column in the first row of the csv file will be created as a field.


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  Method 1 – Dropbox Cloud

The fastest way is to use a single Dropbox account to perform the transfer. 

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